TDF MagnifiScience Centre

Following the success of its initiatives aimed at furthering science literacy, The Dawood Foundation (TDF) has established MagnifiScience Centre (MSC)—Pakistan’s first contemporary and interactive science centre designed to provide hands-on learning experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds. The centre will function as an inclusive science hub by offering edutainment, igniting an interest in science, and empowering people through better understanding of scientific principles and thinking. MSC’s safe learning space will allow all members of the society to explore and engage with science in an informal, fun way while at the same time it will facilitate the development of their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Located in the ­financial hub of the country, the Magnifi­Science Centre is spread over four floors with each floor showcasing different science themes and concepts. It also features a science garden comprising playground activities. A wetland mangrove ecosystem is installed in the central atrium of the centre.

This specially curated and designed infrastructure will host permanent and temporary interactive science exhibits, exhibitions, shows, and educational programmes. All topics covered in MSC are aligned with the local school curricula, making science relevant to everyday life and applicable to real-life problems. MSC will also promote indigenous science and technology by showcasing uniquely Pakistani exhibits that reflect the scientific approaches adopted by local communities.

MSC is a Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) covering an area of approximately 79,568 square feet. It has been designed by Madiha Ghani, Principal Architect at Shahab Ghani and Associates. With a view to minimize environmental impact, solar panels generating 116 KW solar power as well as a rain and wastewater recycling system have been installed in the building.